This time,stylist Haruka Hatakeyama from hair salon ‘Warsaw’ in Tokyo taught us the latest rock hairstyle. The text below the model photo is a description of the hair from him. Please check that too!

60’s Mash Bob

Now, Hatakeyama’s favorite hairstyle is a heavy bangs reminiscent of the early The Beatles. In addition, the hair with short bangs, reminiscent of Paul Weller of the Jam era, is also wonderful.

Mash of the atmosphere of the 60s
60’s front-up layer bob
Mode mash wolf
Mash wolf with a glam feeling
60’s mods style short

70’s French Long

Long with bangs, reminiscent of Jane Birkin, Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) and French actresses in the 1970s, is the hottest hairstyle for the spring / summer 2020 season. Hatakeyama’s suggestion features loose perm and casual coloring.

Ennui French Rock Style

60’s Skins Meets 70’s Glam Rock

Both are rock movements in the UK, a novel hairstyle that is a combination of Skins (short for skinheads) from the late 60’s and Glam Rock from the early 70’s. The top is short, like Skins, but the side and neck length are long, like David Bowie.

Chelsea cut inspired by Skins

90’s Grunge Short

This is a hairstyle that modernizes Grunge Rock, one of Hatakeyama’s roots. 90’s mood is represented by long bang center division and coloring. As for the coloring, the contrast between orange and black is excellent.

Neo-grunge short made with reverse gradation


Haruka is from Tokyo. He worked on baseball until high school, then awakened to the pursuit of culture and entered a beauty school. He is currently working as a hair stylist in Tokyo. He has earned a high reputation not only in Japan but also abroad for transmitting culture through hairstyles.
A lot of attention is also being paid to hairstyle proposals by him, his own fashion, DJ and lifestyle shared on his Instagram.

Haruka wears Sei Library Tee.
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Haruka wears Sei Library Tee.
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About Hair Style
Please tell us about the theme of your recently proposed hairstyle.
It is a modern style that incorporates mash hair and bob from the 60’s. I think the trend is gradually approaching a parallel balance from mallet hair and wolf hair.

About Haruka
What do you want to communicate through your hairstyle?
I want customers to challenge themselves with what they think is good and cool.
What are you particular about achieving the above?
I think technology is a major premise, but it’s also important that to think about where you can create points for that person to bring out their appeal.
Please tell us who affected to you and why.
It is a genre rather than a person. I was influenced by new waves and post-punk in general. In addition, I have also passed garage rock, psych, industrial and neo-rocka . The entrance to the music is a 90’s alternative (such as artists of grunge) for me. In recent club music, I like industrial techno.
Please tell us about the artists you are into now and why.
Crack Cloud, Operator Music Band, Automatic, La Femme, Giant Swan, and Luby Sparks.
Originally, I like post-punk, so the first three simply like tension.
I like La Femme’s psychedelic, electro and surf-like. Their music is mixed with so much that they don’t understand well in a good meaning. Nevertheless, I can immediately feel the goodness of their songs. So I felt them talented.
Giant Swan is a techno artist with an industrial tune. I like the post-punk feeling behind them.
Luby Sparks is a Japanese dream pop band. They use the elements of the shoegazer and new wave in their songs. So I think that they have established their own standing position.


For those who think “I don’t look cool even though I bought new clothes”.

You can buy trendy clothes cheaply with fast brands. There are also fashionable second-hand clothing stores in the city. And the flea market app also supports your fashion. So I think that the coordination itself can be done with a small budget. If you feel ‘I’m not cool’ in such an environment, your hairstyle may be the cause.

The ‘hairstyle’ symbolizes the direction of fashion.

Because it’s hard to tell your style around with clothes alone.
What kind of person are you, what are you interested in right now? Hairstyles express them simply. Even if you are not conscious of your hairstyle, it will naturally be transmitted to your surroundings. Moreover, trend of hairstyles change quickly. Even if the hairstyle is exactly the same, the impression given to the surroundings may be completely different from one year ago and this year.

Remember the CELINE designer Hedi Slimane’s show. His collection basically consists of putting on skinny clothes of box silhouettes on young models. That approach looks different every time because he uses a different youth culture for each show. The symbol is models hairstyles that it’s not for sale! He used to say that during the DIOR HOMME era, he hunted a young model in the city and let them cut their hair for his show.

Haruka Hatakeyama realize hairstyles linked to music.

However, there are few salons that can realize hair linked to the styles of the bands introduced in this blog. So I recommend a hair stylist , Haruka Hatakeyama in Tokyo. He loves bands I have introduced on this blog, such as La Femme and Crack Cloud. And he is also a DJ.

“I think the hairstyles by him are great, but it may be too cool for me.” If you think so, don’t worry. Haruka will listen to your story first. You just tell him your favorite band, your favorite fashion, your hairstyle image. It’s not difficult.

Then, Haruka wil cut and color your hair by his depth knowledge and excellent skills in consideration of in your hobbies and preferences, the cultures that derive from them (including those you may not yet know but you will like), the latest trends, and your head shape and hair quality. Of course, it might be nice that you ask him to recommend bands and clothes shops between cuts.

The resulting hair not only expresses your personality better than ever, but also gives you a connection to your favorite culture. And the clothes you wear should look cool as the hair vector (direction) is determined!



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