Sands is a melodic, sunshiny garage rock band with beachy undertones formed in 2018 in Encinitas, California made up of guitarist, drummer, and singer Brandon Browning, and bassist and lyricist Nina Bielawski. Other members have included guitarist Randall Ferguson and drummer Alexa Kent. Soon after their forming, the duo spent time in Portland, Oregon performing at basement shows and polishing their sound. There, they also recorded their upcoming debut ep at Singing Sands recording studio. After their DIY west coast tour in 2019, the pair got a taste of the everlasting southern California sunshine and laid back vibes that first inspired them to form Sands. As of 2020, they have re-located back to San Diego where they continue to write punchy, drum-driven, fuzzy pop melodies that are all about having fun, being a little stupid and laughing at yourself.


Sandsは、2018年にカリフォルニア州エンシニータスで結成された、ギタリスト、ドラマー、シンガーのBrandon Browningと、ベーシストで作詞家のNina Bielawskiからなる、ビーチのようにメロディックで陽気なガレージロックバンド。他のメンバーには、ギタリストのRandall FergusonとドラマーのAlexa Kentが参加している。結成後間もなく、BrandonとNinaのデュオはオレゴン州ポートランドで地下室でのライブを行い、サウンドに磨きをかけてきた。そこでは、シンギング・サンズのレコーディング・スタジオでデビュー予定のepをレコーディングした。2019年のDIY西海岸ツアーの後、2人は最初にSandsを結成するきっかけとなった常夏の南カリフォルニアの太陽とレイドバックしたヴァイブスを味わう。2020年現在、彼らは再びサンディエゴに拠点を移し、パンチの効いたドラムが牽引するファジーポップなメロディを書き続けている。それらには、楽しいこと、ちょっとしたおろかさ、そして自分自身を笑うことが詰まっている。



‘For The Summer’ (single)
7 Augst 2020
Music Video
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Written by Sei

I would like to introduce you to the California band Sands, formed by Brandon and Nina.

Brandon is one of the few musicians who continues to model from Saint Laurent Paris to Celine. The other of them is Robbie Wood, who doubles as Swim Deep and Cardinal Fang. Brandon and Robbie are probably the embodiment of Hedi’s worldview.

I got acquainted Brandon through Randall from Mothership Psychosis, who was at the Saint Laurent Paris show as Brandon was. At the time, Brandon was in another band called The Dead Beat, and he sent me a message asking me to feature them on my blog.

Among the models from the Saint Laurent Paris era, Brandon, Randall and Gregory are still connected me in this day, and sometimes they send me the sound file, and if you’re a fan of Hedi, you’ve probably seen their faces, as all three were remarkable at the shows. Randall will be releasing a new album from his band soon, and Gregory was supposed to be featured as Rain Age a few years ago on my blog, but circumstances prevented him from posting it at the last. But now he’s working on a solo record and he sent me one song and it was great.

Brandon originally played drums in the band, but has switched to vocals and guitar for this Sands on their lives, and their long-awaited single ‘For The Summer’ was finally released in the summer of 2020, and it’s a fascinating work. It’s because you can feel the rebirth of California’s rock music, which has been stalling since the end of the 2010s.

The surf-rock song, the artwork with the band’s name shining in gold glitter over a photo of a palm tree, the lo-fi mood music video. All of it seems so precious now. There may have been some nostalgia for the ’10s. But that’s not all, their works of art certainly function as the art of today.

This art is a parallel to the world of Celine Homme Spring/Summer 2021. The documentation of the California rock scene expressed at Saint Laurent Paris Spring/Summer 2016 has branched out and led to the present:on the one hand the world created by young American musicians (Brandon, Randall…etc) and on the other hand Celine’s collection.

The collection featured a number of loose-fitting silhouettes. The influence of musicians from the 2010s such as Beach Fossils and Swim Deep, as well as dancers and skaters who have been photographed by Hedi in the 2010s, seems to have played a part in these styles. In other words, there are references from real documents.

At the same time, it is also a collection aimed at the masses of Supreme, K-pop, and TikTok enthusiasts, and although it may be more of a corporate decision than Hedi’s, the fact that the logo garments are being sold in a hurry is, after all, a sign of the decline in profits due to the coronavirus. It would make up for it. It’s probably no coincidence that sales were preceded by sales in China and the pop-up in Shanghai. Maybe companies don’t expect AW20 sales. Instead, they may have thought it would be quicker to make a profit by selling clothes with their logos to the China masses. Unfortunately, Japan’s GDP growth has stagnated over the past decade. Japan has become relatively poor. For many Japanese, Celine is in a much higher price range. There aren’t many young, dedicated fans of the brand. In other words, Japan has become less important as a market for brands.

I think logo clothes are cool, and I like Black Pink. Still, the artists I’ve featured on this blog are people who are exploring what they want to express, even if they don’t hit the market.

The popularity of the rock genre itself has waned. Nevertheless, the music of The Beatles and The 1975 will continue to be heard by many people in the future. And maybe Beabadoobee will, too.

On the other hand, the musicians I’ve introduced in this blog are not so famous. However, the work they are making is the embodiment of the real now. They are weak and ephemeral, and could be swallowed up by the quicksand of time. So someone has to document the people who are weaving the genealogy of alternative rock now. That’s what I learned from Hedi.

What true fans of Hedi had hoped for, but couldn’t see in the SS20 collection: the latest ‘real’ version of SS16 is now being created by young American musicians.



BrandonはSaint Laurent ParisからCelineまでモデルを続けている数少ないミュージシャンの一人である。他には、Swim DeepとCardinal Fangを兼任するRobbie Woodがいる。BrandonやRobbieは、Hediの世界観を体現する存在なのだろう。

私はBrandonと同じくSaint Laurent Parisのショーに参加していたMothership PsychosisのRandallを通して彼と知り合いになった。当時、彼はThe Dead Beatという別のバンドをやっていて、そのバンドを私のブログで紹介してもらいたいというメッセージを送ってくれたのだ。

Saint Laurent Paris時代のモデル達の中では、BrandonとRandall、それからGregoryと今でもつながっていて、彼らは時折音源を送ってくれる。3人ともショーではかなり目立っていたから、Hediのファンならまず顔を見かけたことがあると思う。BrandonはガールフレンドとともにこのSandsを結成した。Randallは自身のバンドから間もなく新作をリリースする予定だ。Gregoryは数年前Rain Ageというユニットとして、このブログで紹介する予定だったのだが、やむを得ない事情があって急に掲載ができなくなってしまった。けれど今、彼はソロで作品を制作していて、彼は私に一曲聴かせてくれたが素晴らしい仕上がりだ。私はそれについても期待している。

Brandonはもともとバンドではドラムスを担当していたが、このSandsにおけるライヴ演奏では、ヴォーカル&ギターに転向している。2020年の夏に、彼らがようやくリリースした待望のシングル‘For The Summer’は魅力的な作品だ。何しろ2010年代終盤以降失速していったカリフォルニアのロックの再生が感じられるから。


このアートはCeline Homme Spring/Summer 2021の世界と並行に位置するものだ。Saint Laurent Paris Spring/Summer 2016で表現されたカリフォルニアのロックシーンのドキュメントが枝分かれして、今につながっている。片方はBrandonやRandallら若いミュージシャン達の作り上げた世界、片方はCelineのコレクションである。

コレクションではゆったりとしたシルエットの服が多数登場した。これらのスタイルには、Beach FossilsやSwim Deepといった2010年代から活躍するミュージシャン、それからHediが同じ時期に撮影してきたダンサーやスケーター達の影響もあるのだろう。つまりリアルなドキュメントからのリファレンスがあるということだ。


私はロゴの服も格好良いと思うし、Black Pinkも好きだ。それでも、私がこのブログで紹介してきたアーティスト達は、自らが表現したいことを探求している人達だ。たとえそれらがマーケットで、ヒットしなかったとしてもだ。

ロックというジャンル自体に人気の陰りはある。それでも、The BeatlesやThe 1975の音楽はこの先も多くの人に聴かれるだろう。もしかしたらBeabadoobeeもうまくいけばそうなるかもしれない。



Celine Men’s Autumn/Winter 2020-21
Reference: Brandon Browning’s Instagram
Saint Laurent Paris Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016-17
Reference: Brandon Browning’s Instagram


About Sands

What are the themes you are exploring through making music?
Striving to embrace nothingness & finding the joy in simply existing. The songs also explore self-deprecation, loneliness, and boredom; but despite all of those feelings, trying to have a good time anyways. Basically, our music is a way for us to express all of the demons that stew in our brains and finding ways to cope through those thoughts. A lot of messages within our songs are the advice we want to give to ourselves and wish we would take.
Why did you choose Sands as your band name?
We’ve been back and forth between Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California for years now and we wanted a name which, regardless of where we are, speaks to our southern Californian roots; both personally and musically
As to the origins of the name, there’s a fantastic band from Athens, Georgia called Nana Grizol. They have a song called ‘Sands’ which has always been a sort of anthem for us to scream at the top of our lungs on long road trips. We connected with the song so much that it just felt right to adopt it as the name of our project.
Who inspires you?
We’re really inspired by people and artists who are brutally and thoroughly authentic, out of the confines of what is considered socially acceptable. Creativity and honest self- expression are things that we both really value. Seeing people be unapologetically themselves is something that inspires our own creativity.
Musically, we’re both really inspired by a lot of the early garage rock bands from the 60s and 70s, a lot of No Wave artists from the late 70s, iconic East Bay and British punk bands from the 80s/90s like Green Day, The Buzzcocks and The Clash, and more current artists like Wavves, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Cosmonauts, SWMRS, and Skegss.

About ‘For The Summer’ (single)

What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this song?
It’s about searching to find where you belong, and learning that if you feel lost, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, you might just not be in the right place.
How did you try to make songs for that?
We tend to write all of our songs on impulse, usually in the middle of the night on the floor of our apartment. We work together on everything. Nina tends to draft most of the lyrics beforehand, and Brandon composes the rest of the song; the instrumentation, melodies, rhythms, etc to capture or echo the emotion(s) in the lyrics. It’s a really enjoyable process for us and allows us to explore a lot of avenues with our sound and the feelings we want it to reflect. We spend any chance we have working on our music in some regard, and we have a lot of material we’ve been building over the last few years that we’re really looking forward to sharing.
The photo used in our single cover was taken with an old Polaroid Sun 600, to convey the feeling of nostalgia for remembering long, lazy days with old friends. The spot where this photo was taken is where we spent many drawn out, hot summer days, pulling up Nina’s 1983 Volvo 240 station wagon, popping open the trunk, drinking copious amounts of liquor, chain smoking, and doing nothing else but watching the ocean and the palm trees until the sun set. Days like this were what inspired the song.


About Sands
名前の由来については、ジョージア州アテネのNana Grizolという素晴らしいバンドがいるんだけど。彼らには‘Sands’という曲があって、長いドライブの旅の時にはいつも大声で叫ぶアンセムのようなものだったんだ。僕らはこの曲にとても親近感を覚えたので、この曲をプロジェクトの名前として採用することにした。
音楽的には、60~70年代の初期のガレージロックバンド、70年代後半のノーウェーブのアーティスト、80~90年代のイーストベイやブリティッシュパンクバンドのアイコン的存在であるGreen Day、The Buzzcocks、The Clash、そしてWavves、Thee Oh Sees、Ty Segall、Cosmonauts、SWMRS、Skegssなどの現在のアーティストからもインスピレーションを受けているよ。

About ‘For The Summer’ (single)



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