In 2010, Marlon Magnee (keyboard) and Sacha Got (guitar) met in Piarritz, France, and they formed La Femme. Then they moved to Paris and other members joined. The debut album ‘Psycho Tropical Berlin’ in 2013 won the first place in the French digital chart. They were also a hot topic for providing ‘Me Suive’ to Saint Laurent Paris Men’s Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Collection in 2014. The 2nd album ‘Mystère’ released in 2017 is also very popular. In September 2018, they regained attention by providing a ‘Runway’ soundtrack for Celine Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. In February 2019, the single ‘L’hawaïenne’ was released. In both name and reality, they are leading the European music scene.


2010年にフランスのピアリッツにて、Marlon Magnee(キーボード)とSacha Got(ギター)が出会いLa Femmeを結成。その後、彼らはパリへ移住し、他のメンバーも加入した。2013年のデビューアルバム’Psycho Tropical Berlin’はフランスのデジタルチャート1位を獲得。2014年にはSaint Laurent Paris Men’s Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Collectionへの’Me Suive’楽曲提供でも話題となる。2017年発表の2ndアルバム’Mystère’も好評。2018年9月には、彼らはHedi Slimaneデビューとなる Celine Spring/Summer 2019 Collectionのサウンドトラックを’Runway’を提供し再度注目を集めた。2019年2月にはシングル’L’hawaïenne’をリリースした。名実共にヨーロッパの音楽シーンを牽引するバンドである。

La Femme


La Femme-‘Runway’ for Hedi Slimane


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Written by Sei

La Femmme’s single ‘L’hawaïenne’ released last year was a bold song that overturned the image of the band so far. In this song, their modern and electric dance sounds have disappeared, and instead there is loose, eight-minute Hawaiian music. Yes, it has a surprisingly calm sound. Still, this song has a mysterious charm that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. In this song, they recreated the classic Hawaiian sound using called the ‘Pedal Steel Guitar’, which was played by lying down guitar and appeared in Hawaii at the end of the 19th century. The tropical atmosphere of the song is beautifully matched by the beautiful poetry reading.

Hawaii in the lyrics is a metaphor. A man broke up with the woman who accompanied him. For him, the days he spent with her were as calm and luscious as an imaginary Hawaii (he had never been there). In a fictional paradise, the sun was bright, the wind was pleasant, the reefs of palms were swaying, and the sound of ripples was heard. And next to him was her smile. However, the reality was a symmetrical situation. He was alone in Paris in the winter. The night was long, it snowed and his body was frozen. All he can do is dreaming the days she was by his side and if he could meet her again. The contrast between Hawaii and Paris highlights his loneliness. The music video beautifully expresses the world of lyrics, so please check it out too.

When I interviewed Sacha, he told me that their new works will not be released for a while. I also asked him what inspired him by. The answer was “Spanish Semana Santa music and Pasodoble, George Brassens ,the philosophe Michel Onfray, the budhist monk Mathieu Ricard, the trees, the sea”. A quick glance at them shows that he views music from a different perspective than the average music fan.

Of course, it is true that their roots are French dance music. Not only that, they are exploring music broader and deeper. Hawaiian music is referenced in this work, but this is an example of those attempts. They analyze past music and reconstruct them in their way. I can’t imagine what their music will be next.


昨年リリースされたLa Femmmeのシングル’L’hawaïenne’は、これまでのバンドのイメージを覆す大胆な楽曲だった。この曲において、彼ら特有のモダンでエレクトリックなダンスサウンドは消え去り、代わりにあるのがゆったりとした8分間のハワイアンミュージックでる。そう、驚くほどに落ち着いたサウンドなのである。それでいてこの曲は、何度も繰り返し聴きたくなる不思議な魅力がある。この曲において彼らは、’ペダルスチールギター’と呼ばれる、ギターを横に寝かせて演奏する、19世紀末にハワイで登場した楽器を用いて、クラシックなハワイアンサウンドを再現した。曲のトロピカルな雰囲気に、美しいフランス語のポエトリーリーディングが素晴らしくマッチしている。





About ‘L’hawaïenne’ (single)
What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this song?
I want to communicate this hard and sad feeling , when your lover is gone. When you think about good time you had with this lover and all the historical , from the first moment when you meet in a bar to the last one where you requit in a random sidewalk ; the contrast between the beautiful and idylic moment like you could be on a island in Hawaii, eat coconut and make love , and then you’re alone in the winter in Paris, under the snow. It’s like a tropism, a dream cause I never been in Hawaii, and it’s at the opposite of the world.
How did you try to make this song for that?
In terms of music it’s a classical slow song, like there was already so many song like that in the 50’s 60’s, mixed with exotica, Hawaiian style, Cause we always liked this king of music, and pedal steel guitar . lyrics as well its like a classical subject in the history of music, and of art in general. The character is just dreaming .
For the visual , we wanted to traduce that we shoot the video clip naturally, there is some exotic shot we did in California and Hawaii, the character he in some idylic place with some Hawaiian vahines , he’s dreaming about that, then he’s back in the reality in the winter snow in Paris. It was snowing in paris at this time so we decide to shoot there naturally , there is also this shot when the Seine is grew up , it was look like an apocalyptic situation who fit perfectly.
Our friend Pandora Decoster draw the visual of the artwork.

About Sacha Got
Who inspires you in these days?
There is many sings, but Spanish Semana Santa music and Pasodoble, George Brassens ,the philosophe Michel Onfray, the budhist monk Mathieu Ricard, the trees, the sea; the electromagnetic vibration that come from the hearts, anarchy and the idea of being free.


About ‘L’hawaïenne’ (single)
アートワークは私たちの友人のPandora Decosterが描いてくれた。

About Sacha Got
多くの歌があるけれど、スペインのセマナサンタ音楽(スペインのキリスト教の聖週間の音楽)とパソドブル、ジョージ・ブラッセンズ(スペインの闘牛とフラメンコをイメージしたダンス)、(現代フランスの)哲学者ミシェル・オンフレ、仏教の僧侶マチウ・リカール(フランスの作家、写真家でもある)、木々、海だね。 心臓、無政府状態、自由であるという考えから生じる電磁振動でもある。



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