The Goddams are a London band formed in 2019 with Lawrence Perry(vocal), Harry Westcott (guitar/composer). The other members are Jude Watson (drums), Seb Zickus (rhythm guitar) and Ross Fraser-Smith (saxophone). They made their debut with ‘Paternity Leave’ (single) in 2019,followed by ‘Friends On Benefits’ (ep) and ‘The Columbia’ (single) has been released.


The GoddamsはLawrence Perry (vocal), Harry Westcott (guitar/composor)を中心に2019年に結成されたロンドン出身のバンド。他のメンバーは、Jude Watson (drums), Seb Zickus (rhythm guitar)とRoss Fraser-Smith (saxophone)。彼らは2019年の‘Paternity Leave’(シングル)でデビュー。2020年には、 ‘Friends On Benefits’(ep) と‘The Columbia’(シングル)がリリースされた。

The Goddams
Lawrence Perry , Harry Westcott


‘The Columbia’ (single)
14 Augst 2020

‘Friends On Benefits’ (ep)
17 April 2020


Written by Sei

The Goddams is a band formed by Harry (guitar/composer) and Lawrence (vocal), who was also photographed by Hedi Slimane. Harry, in particular, seems to be doing quite well as a model. Lawrence is an accomplished artist and has created a number of fascinating paintings, and his work has been featured in their cover art. The synergy between these two expressive talents has resulted in a sound that is unique.

Perhaps it’s because they’re from London, they have a sophisticated, urban sound. Their guitar sound reminds me of their hometown senior, Razorlight. However, what sets them apart from other bands is that their sound is very clear and calm. There is no noise or shouting that is common in rock and punk bands. Even if the songs are fast paced, they are just cool, not hectic, just outstanding in their technical prowess.

One thing that interested me on the latest ‘The Columbia’ (single) was the slower tempo of the songs than in the past. The song begins with an intro reminiscent of Peace’s ‘Float Forever’, but it builds slowly, much like Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Angel’. Their soundmaking is so clear that you can follow every single instrumental note with your ears, and of course, those harmonies are so pleasing to the ear.

As we listen to the songs in the order of their biographies, some of their songs are of course faster, so we can assume that the slower tempo of the new single is a deliberate experiment by main composer Harry. This reminded me of the approach taken by California musician Jeffertti on his cover of Fleetmac Wood’s ‘Dream’. When he played the song ‘Dream’ as a DJ, he varied the tempo of the original to find the most suitable tempo for the song. As a result, it was much slower in tempo than the original and succeeded in bringing out the song’s newfound charm. Harry also dared to experiment with a slower tempo this time around as he explored his own musical style.

Yes, the great thing about them is that they thoroughly pursue originality. They have a sense of urgency that otherwise they would be a mediocre guitar rock band. An organic, cool rock sound is quietly being built by them that is different from punk, post-punk, garage rock and bedroom pop.

I also note that the band has grown to five members now, and they are releasing their music faster than ever. They are currently still working on their new ep. I’m looking forward to seeing how all the experimentation they’ve done over the course of their previous work will come to fruition on their new ep and album.


The GoddamsはHedi Slimaneの被写体にもなった、Harry(guitar/composor)とLawrence(vocal)を中心に結成されたバンド。特に、Harryはモデルとしてかなり活躍している。Lawrenceはアーティストとしても優秀で、多数の魅力的な絵画を制作し、彼の作品は2020年以降のアートワークにも採用されている。そんな表現者としての才能にあふれた二人のシナジーから生まれたサウンドは個性的だ。


最新作‘The Columbia’(シングル)で興味深かったことは、これまでより曲のテンポが遅くなっていること。Peaceの‘Float Forever’を想起させるイントロから始まるこの曲は、Jimi Hendrixの‘Angel’のようにゆったりと曲が展開していく。彼らのサウンドメイキングは非常にクリアだから、楽器ひとつひとつの音が耳で追っていけるし、そしてもちろんそれらのハーモニーが、耳に心地よい。

我々が彼らのバイオグラフィー順に曲を聴いていくと、彼らの曲の中にはもちろん早い曲もあるので、新作のスローなテンポはメインコンポーザーのHarryによる意図的な実験だと推測される。これは、カリフォルニアのミュージシャンJefferttiがFleetmac Woodの‘Dream’のカバーをした際に行った手法を想起させた。彼はDJとして‘Dream’の曲をプレイする際、原曲のテンポをいろいろと変えて、この曲にとって一番適したテンポを探っていったというのだ。結果的に、それはオリジナルより随分遅いテンポで、曲の新たな魅力を引き出すことに成功していた。The GoddamsのHarryもまた自らの音楽性を追求するにあたって、あえて今回は遅いテンポにチャレンジしたのだろう。



Harry Westscott photographed by Hedi Slimane
Source: Harry Westcott‘s instagram
Lawrence Perry photographed by Hedi Slimane
Source: Lawrence Perry‘s instagram


About The Goddams
What are the themes you are exploring through making music?
As writers, we try and add to the timeline of musical progression. Of course, we have our inspirations such as Hendrix and The Clash, so we try to carry on the things we learn from their craft and apply that to a more modern template. In short, it’s about making a sound that we believe we have reworked in a personal and unique way.
Why did you choose The Goddams your band name?
“Les Goddams” was a slur used by the french to describe an Englishman shot at war. Apparently we often screamed “God Damn!” When wounded. Now, as a band emerging in a post-Brexit Britain, we find the name rather fitting.
Who inspires you?
The list could go on. As a band, we have loads of different influences and sounds ranging from psychedelic rock to Ska, The mods to the Punks. As we evolve our sound will change with us. We’re constantly looking for new influences that feel exciting, as the thought of sticking to one formula doesn’t sit well with us.

About ‘The Columbia’ (single)
What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this Single?
The song is about British rock culture and our love affair with it; the good, the bad and the ugly. The Columbia hotel has hosted many musicians; such as Oasis and Amy Winehouse, and this song was writing after the band visited the hotel. The hotel hung some of Lawrence’s (vocals & artist) paintings in it, but the working relationship between him and the hotel broke down due to disputes.
How did you try to make songs for that?
The lyrical sides to the song portray the hotel as memorabilia of rock and roll, something we as a band are trying to revitalise. “Come down if you missed me”, is a constant message. The artwork paints Lawrence and Harry sitting in the hotel setting playing a game (or writing the song). With the Musical side to the song, we wanted a slower track and Harry (songwriter) used a guitar slide to play the main riff, and the song developed from there to build up to the climatic end section, mirroring a more classical piece of music. It was then a case of our drummer Jude adding a fitting pattern.

About The Goddams
作曲家として、僕らは音楽的な進化の系譜に挑戦し、加わろうとしている。もちろん、HendrixやThe Clashなどのインスピレーションを受けているから、彼らの技術から学んだことを継承し、より現代的なテンプレートに適用しようとしてもいる。つまり、個人的でユニークな方法で再構築できると信じているサウンドを作ることなんだ。
バンド名をThe Goddamsにした理由は?
“Les Goddams “はフランス人が戦争で撃たれたイギリス人を表すために使ったけなす言葉でもある。どうも我々はよく負傷した時に “God Damn!”と叫んでいたようなんだ。今では、イギリスのポスト・ブレクジットの中で生まれたバンドとして、この名前はむしろふさわしいと思っている。

About ‘The Columbia’ (single)
この曲は、ブリティッシュ・ロック・カルチャーと、それに対する私たちの愛情、良いこと、悪いこと、醜いことをテーマにしている。(ロンドンにある)コロンビアホテルは、OasisやAmy Winehouseなど多くのミュージシャンを受け入れてきたホテルで、この曲は彼らがホテルを訪れた後に作られた。ホテルにはローレンス(vocalであり、アーティスト)の絵が飾られていたが、ローレンスとホテルとの間に紛争が生じ、仕事上の関係が破綻してしまった。
この曲の叙情的な側面は、ロックンロールの思い出の品としてホテルを描写しており、バンドとして再生しようとしている。”Come down if you missed me “は、絶えることのないメッセージでもある。アートワークには、Lawrence(vocal)とHarry(guitar)がホテルの中でゲームをしている様子が描かれている。音楽的な面では、スローなトラックにしたいと思っていたので、Harry(作曲家でもある)がギターのスライドを使ってメインのリフを演奏し、そこから曲が発展してクライマックスのエンド・セクションに至るまで、よりクラシックな音楽を反映したものになっている。その後、ドラマーのJudeがそれに合うようなパターンを追加してくれたんだ。

Celine Autumn/Winter 2020-21 From Harry Westcott’s instagram



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