Jeffertitti is a musician from Los Angeles California. He’s been a lot of bands and had a group called Jeffertitti’s Nile since 2009. Then he released ‘Non Genré’ in October and new single ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in December 2020 as a solo musician. He has also modeled for a Gucci campaign.


Jeffertittiはカリフォルニア州ロサンゼルス出身のミュージシャン。これまでたくさんのバンドを経験し2009年からはJeffertitti’s Nileを主催。2020年10月にはソロミュージシャンとしてアルバム‘Non Genré’、12月には‘Stockholm Syndrome’をリリースした。また彼はGucciのキャンペーンにモデルとして参加している。



‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (single)
December 2020
Apple Music

‘Non Genré’ (album)
October 2020
Apple Music


Written by Sei

Jeffertitti, who has traveled and performed all over the world, was also holed up in his home during the 2020 lockdown. During that time, he was confronting the madness that lurked within himself and trying his best to give it shape. In his home studio, he was fighting. He would get out of bed and write songs, and despite his fears that he might not make it, he would push himself to work harder and harder. This was repeated day in and day out. He drove away all the distractions that came to his mind (the reputation and the revenue and the release format of this work…) and focused only on making better music.

After finishing his work, he listened to the piece and walked around the city in the middle of the night. A number of emotions came and went. After listening to the last song, He could feel that “I’ve finally finished my album”. This was the first album under the name Jeffertiti, ‘Non Genré’. It was basically produced by Jeffertiti himself, although he invited some guests. This work, with its no-genre, no-gender connotations, is a 27-song, over an hour long work that encompasses all of his musical backgrounds. In this age of social networking and other instant media, he believes that this volume will help people to heal. It is true that listeners need to be patient. However, by taking the time to calm down and listen to the work, a spiritual journey can be taken.

It is indeed a wonderful work. But on the other hand, I guessed that the burden on the creator must have been quite heavy. It was no wonder that he was burnt out and felt empty after creating it. So I thought he would need to take a break. However, he did not stop working. He looked back through his huge diary, found some words, and put chords there. He recorded it on his iPhone, let it rest for a while, and then went back into the studio alone to finish it as a work of art.

The song, entitled ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, consists of only two verses. In effect, the repetition of the second verse takes up most of the song, which is only two minutes long. But there is no monotony as he keeps changing the sound as if he were spinning a kaleidoscope.

“Me I’m too busy vomiting to know the answer”.

The repetitive phrase starts out as a gentle monologue and turns into a terrifying cry of the soul. The contrast is dramatic.

He is in constant exploring better music. He understands that music is the real job for him. So, he is not afraid of being exposed as a model for brands. He also uses his non-musical experiences as a useful opportunity to evolve his music.



一通り作業を終えた後、彼はこの作品を聴きながら、真夜中の街を歩き続けた。いくつもの感情がやってきては、去っていった。最後の曲を聴いた後、彼の心にこみあげてくるものがあった。“ようやくアルバムが完成したんだ”と。その作品がJeffertiti名義初のアルバム‘Non Genré’だ。何名かのゲストを招きながらも、基本的には彼一人で制作した。ノージャンル、ノージェンダーといった意味合いを持たせたこの作品は、彼のあらゆる音楽的な背景が包括された全27曲で、1時間を超える大作となった。SNSをはじめ即時的なメディアが主流である現代において、彼はこのボリュームが人々の癒しになるとも考えている。たしかにリスナーにも忍耐は必要だ。けれど、じっくりと落ち着いて作品に向き合うことで、精神的な旅ができるのだ。


‘Stockholm Syndrome’と題されたこの曲は、二つのヴァースのみで構成されている。実質的には二つ目のヴァースの反復が、わずか2分間の曲の大半を占めている。けれど、彼は万華鏡を回転させるかのごとく、サウンドを変化させ続けているので単調さはない。

“Me I’m too busy vomiting to know the answer(私は忙しくて答えを知ることができない)”




About ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (single)
What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this song?
The lyrics pretty much say it all. I’m sure everyone will have a unique interpretation of what they mean to them, but I also have a feeling that they’re quite universally relatable these days.
I don’t want to say too much about the lyrics but I feel like people are giving into their own fears like a self-imprisoning captor.
How did you try to make the song for that?
I found one of my many old journals from the past and was flipping through pages until I found something that inspired me to pick up a guitar and put some chords to it. The words of the first verse and chorus were written about 10 years ago. I made a quick iPhone demo of the melody and chords and then sat on it for a few months. Then when I actually went to record the song in my studio, I worked out the arrangement, played guitar and sang the song in its entirety, then added drums, bass, percussion, synths and more guitar parts. I wasn’t in love with the second verse, so I rewrote it. It just flew out of me and it’s probably my favorite part of the song. This was during the shit show known as the US presidential elections & definitely inspired by people’s behavior during all that.
The idea for the video came about because a dear friend gifted me that hollow body guitar out of the kindness of his heart, and I happened to glance in the mirror while working on the mixing process of the song & I was wearing a trench coat. I just sparked an idea in my head of the simple imagery and color pallet of performing the song with that guitar. My girlfriend Phoenix and I shot a few takes of the whole song & during the editing process, we realized that they actually play perfectly with each other. That’s how most of my favorite art projects seem to work, like it’s all just magically meant to be.

About Jerffertitti
Who inspires you in these days?
I’ve really been inspired, today, by my friend Hugo Hamlet (an electric angel who is so authentically himself).
Also I’ve been watching a lot of John Lydon and P.I.L interviews, listening to Porno For Pyros, 90’s Lenny Kravitz albums + some CDs I recently borrowed from the Matt Dike estate… (Todd Rundgren, Brian Ferry, Donnie & Joe Emerson demos, ‘Sunflower’ by The Beach Boys). I’m reading ‘How Music Works’ by David Byrne. I also find a lot of inspiration from film… ‘The White Balloon’ is an Iranian film that I enjoyed recently.


About ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (single)
昔の日記を取り出して、ギターを手に取ってコードをつけてみようと思うようなものを見つけるまで、ページをめくってみた。最初の歌詞とコーラスは約10年前に書かれたもの。メロディとコードのデモをiPhoneですぐに作って、それを数ヶ月間寝かせておいた。その後、実際に自分のスタジオでレコーディングを行った際には、アレンジを考え、ギターを弾いて歌い、ドラム、ベース、パーカッション、シンセ、さらにギターのパートを追加していった。 2番目のヴァースが気に入らなかったので、書き直しも行っている。この曲の中で一番好きな部分なんだ。アメリカの大統領選挙というクソみたいな出来事があった時に作っていたもので、人々の行動からインスピレーションを受けた曲でもある。

About Jerffertitti
この頃は、友人のHugo Hamlet(エレクトリックエンジェルで、とても真正な自分を表現している)からインスピレーションを受けた。あと、John LydonとP.I.Lのインタビューをたくさん見ているし、Porno For Pyros や90年代のLenny Kravitzのアルバムや最近Matt Dikeの家から借りてきたCD(Todd Rundgren、Brian Ferry、 Donnie & Joe Emerson demos、The Beach Boysの‘Sunflower’)を聴いている。本では、David Byrneの‘How Music Works’を読んでいる。映画からの影響も多いね。‘The White Balloon’は最近楽しんだイラン映画だよ。



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