Swim Deep is a band formed in Birmingham, England in 2011. In 2012, they gathered a lot of attention in their 1st Single ‘King City’ and released their 1st album ‘Where the Heaven Are We’ in the same year. In 2015, the experimental work 2nd album ‘Mother’ was recorded.
After that, the band went through a 4-year interval and a member change, and in 2019 released the 3rd album ‘Emerald Classics’. Recording members are original members Austin Williams (Vocal & etc), Cavan McCarthy (Bass) and James Balmont (Key) who is a support member from the beginning and a ex-Childhood member Thomas Fiquet (Drums) and Cavan’s model companion Robbie Wood (Guitar) who joined the band in 2018. They also welcomed as a producer Dave McCracken, who worked on works by Ian Brown (ex-Stone Roses) and Beyonce.


Swim Deepは2011年、The UKのバーミンガムで結成されたバンド。彼らは2012年に1stシングル’King City’で話題を集め、同年1stアルバム’Where the Heaven Are We’をリリースした。2015年には、実験的な作品である2nd アルバム’Mother’がレコーディングされた。
その後、バンドは4年のインターバルとメンバーチェンジを経て、2019年には3rdアルバム’Emerald Classics’を公開した。同作は、オリジナルメンバーのAustin Williams (Vocal & etc)、Cavan McCarthy (Bass)に加え、結成当初からのサポートメンバーのJames Balmont (Key)、2018年にバンドに加わった元Childhood のメンバー、Thomas Fiquet (Drums)とCavanのモデル仲間あるRobbie Wood(Guitar)の5人で制作された。またプロデューサーには、Ian Brown(元Stone Roses)やBeyonceなどの作品を手掛けたDave McCrackenを迎えた。

Swim Deep
Photographed by Jono White 


‘Emerald Classics’(3rd album)
4 October 2019


Written by Sei

When Swim Deep burst onto the rock scene in the early 2010s, they were one of the new coolest bands from the UK on the rock scene. Swim Deep and Peace …etc were the first bands from the UK to get noticed in a long time. This is because at this time, the center of the indie/alternative rock movement was shifting to the US, mainly in California.

They were photographed by Hedi Slimane prior to the release of their songs, and then came to the attention of music fans with their first single, ‘King City’, released in 2012. They played shows not only in the UK, but also around the world, in the US and Japan, and several of the band members participated in the Saint Laurent Paris show. They were a successful indie band.

However, after their second album in 2015, things changed for them. The trend has come to an end. The labels no longer supported them. They had to do their own the US tour and it was hard and exhausting for them. The wave that had led them to success was gone before long.

And that’s not all. They also had to find a reason to continue playing music. They themselves were also in a transitional period. They were in their mid-20 years old and each of them had to think about the future of their lives. It was difficult for them to continue to be in a band just because they were chasing their dreams, as they had been.

Up until this time, they had been exploring their own personalities through the production of their work and live tours. There is a big reason for this. Firstly, it’s the origin of their music and fashion are a reaction to the rock of the 00s, including The Libertines. They were a band that started out more inspired by loose-fitting, bearded American musicians (MGMT, Beach Fossils…….) than the UK. It was also iconic that in the band’s early days, the members often wore Nirvana t-shirts. Yes, ‘King City’ was born in response to MGMT’s ‘Kids’. Coming from the UK, where they have a fascination for American music, it was necessary for them to find their own musical identity. But even with their temporary success, they couldn’t find an answer that everyone could agree on.
Digression:my friend noticed that fashions of early Swim Deep and Beach Fossilsetc may inspire Hedi to made Celine Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

They were a ship adrift on the open sea. They lost sight of their respective futures and their place in the music scene that lay before them. Then, in 2018, two members left the band. The ship was sinking. They, like so many The UK bands before them, had a few hits and looked like they were going to disappear.

However, there was a continuation to their story; Austin had found a nautical map from his own past. Austin is the vocalist and main composer. When he was 18 he was looking for a job, but it was hard to find one. At one point he told his advisor at the Job Centre that he wanted to do music. The staff were thrilled to hear his music and encouraged him to do so.

With that success experience, Austin began making music in earnest in his bedroom, recruiting members and leading them to success. No matter how difficult the situation, if you want it to happen, you can make it happen. That’s what he believed and practiced. That was his answer and his North Star.

He then relives the past and learns from it to create ‘To Feel Good’, the first track on 3rd album. The song features Austin rapping over a repetitive, gospel-tinged chorus reminiscent of Rozalla’s 1991 hit ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’. There’s also a hint of influence from ‘Everything Borrowed’ by The Streets, who, like him from Birmingham and who are also a staple of British hip-hop.

And then a tailwind began to blow, as two talented musicians, Robbie and Thomas, joined the band.

Cut off from the hectic music scene, Austin’s bedroom was as quiet as the bottom of the ocean. It was there that he thought and produced his album demos. Then, like sending a message through a secret underground vein of water, he sent the songs to producers and members via email to create the Swim Deep sound.

In their hometown of Birmingham, there is a bar called The Emerald. A friend who heard the demo of their 3rd album, told Austin that it sounded just like the music jukebox playing classic rock songs in the bar, and that’s how they came up with the title ‘Emerald Classics’.

There’s no hesitation here. His bedroom is connected to all kinds of music, and it’s also connected to the UK rock he once shied away from. From New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses to The Streets, it was the music of the great bands that blended dance and rock. This album modernizes and refines them. This work transformed Swim Deep from a cool young band into a legitimate UK rock band.

‘Emerald Classics’ was great, and I’m looking forward to their next album as well. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see Robbie Wood at the front of the band more, Robbie has a beautiful voice and I would like to listen to him sing back and forth with Austin. Also, Robbie writes music, so if the band play his songs and Austin sing them ,it must be new sound for the band.


2010年代初頭、ロックシーンに登場したSwim Deepは新しいクールなバンドとして話題となっていた。Swim DeepやPeaceはthe UK発で久しぶりに注目を集めたバンドでもあった。というのは、この時期インディ/オルタナティヴロックのムーブメントの中心は、カリフォルニアを中心としたアメリカに移行していたから。

彼らは音源のリリース前にHedi Slimaneによって撮影され、その後2012年にリリースした1st Single ‘King City’で本格的に音楽ファンから注目を集めるようになった。彼らはthe UKのみならずアメリカや日本など世界でライヴを行ったし、バンドメンバーのうち数名はSaint Laurent Parisのショーにも参加した。彼らは成功したインディバンドだったのだ。

しかしながら、2015年の2ndアルバム以降、彼らの状況は変わっていく。トレンドは終わりを迎えた。レーベルは彼らをサポートしなくなった。彼らは自分たち自身でthe USツアーを行わなくてはいけなかったし、それはハードなもので、彼らを疲弊させた。当たり前にあったはずである、彼らを成功へと導いた波はいつの間にか消えていたのだ。


この時期まで、彼らは作品の制作やライヴツアーを通して自分たちの個性を模索していた。これには大きな理由がある。まず彼らの音楽やファッションの由来だ。彼らのそれらは、The Libertinesを始めとした00年代のロックの反動なのだ。彼らはthe UKよりも、ゆったりとした服を着て、ひげを伸ばしたアメリカのミュージシャン(MGMTやBeach Fossils……)からインスパイアされてスタートしたバンドだったのだ。 バンド初期、メンバーがNirvanaのTシャツをよく着ていたことも象徴的だった。そう、’King City’はMGMTの’Kids’に呼応して生まれた作品だったのである。アメリカの音楽に憧れを持っている、the UK出身の彼らだからこそ、彼ら独自の音楽性を見つけることは必要なことであった。けれど、彼らは一時的な成功をおさめても、全員が納得できるだけの答えは見つからなかったのだ。
余談:私の友人が、初期のSwim DeepやBeach Fossilsらのファッションが、HediがCeline Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 SHOWを作る際の参考になったのではないか気づいた。

彼らは大海原で漂流した船だった。目の前に広がる、それぞれの未来や音楽シーンの中で、自分たちの立ち位置を見失っていった。そして、2018年には2人のメンバーがバンドを離れた。船は沈みかけていた。彼らは、これまでの数多くのthe UKバンドのように、数曲のヒットを飛ばし、このまま消えていくかに見えた。



そして彼は、過去の追体験とそこからの学びをもとに、3rdアルバムの一曲目に収録された’To Feel Good’を制作する。この曲では、Rozallaの1991年のヒット曲’Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’を彷彿とさせるゴスペル調のコーラスが反復しする中で、Austinのラップが展開される。彼と同じバーミンガム出身で、The UKのヒップホップの代表でもあるThe Streetsの’Everything Borrowed’からの影響も感じさせる。


慌ただしい音楽シーンから断絶されたAustinのベッドルームは、海の底のように静かだった。彼はそこで思考し、アルバムのデモを制作した。それから、秘密の地下水脈を通じてメッセージを送るように、メールにてプロデューサーやメンバーに楽曲達を送り、Swim Deepサウンドを作っていったのだ。

彼らの故郷、バーミンガムには、The Emeraldと呼ばれるバーがある。そこには古いジュークボックスがあり、80年代を始めとした古き良き音楽が流れている。3rdアルバムのデモを聴いた友人は、この作品がまるでそのバーのジュークボックスで流れているロックの名曲のように素晴らしいとAustinに話したという。そこから、’Emerald Classics’というタイトルがつけられたのだ。

この作品から迷いは感じられない。彼のベッドルームはあらゆる音楽とつながっていた。そこには、かつて彼が遠ざけたthe UKロックへともつながっていた。それらは、New OrderやHappy Mondays、Stone Roses、The Streetsまで、ダンスとロックを融合させた偉大なミュージシャン達の音楽だった。それらをモダナイズし、洗練させたのが本作だ。この作品で、Swim Deepは若手のクールなバンドからthe UKロックを代表する存在へと生まれ変わったのである。

‘Emerald Classics’が素晴らしかっただけに、私は彼らの次作も楽しみです。個人的には、私はRobbie Woodがもっとバンドの前面に出てくると面白いかなと思っています。Robbieは声が美しいので、Austinとの歌の掛け合いを聴きたいです。またRobbieもまた作曲をしているので、彼の曲をバンドが演奏し、Austinが歌う曲というのも素晴らしいと思います。

Photographed by Jono White


About You
What are the themes you are exploring through making music?
We explore escapism, music that makes you feel better, dance, bigger life.
Why did you choose Swim Deep your band name ?
It was a lyric in an old song we had, we loved the imagery of it, it just sounded like us, and it helped us create this world. I think all great bands have their own little world you want to dive in, thats ours.
Who inspire you?
Music that is brave. People that make big pop music and sound so effortless. We just wanna have fun.. MGMT, The 1975, Caroline Polacheck, Planet 1999

About ‘Emerald Classics’ (3rd album)
What is the most important thing that you want to communicate to listeners through this album?
‘Emerald Classics’ was our comeback. After 4 years of trying to define ourselves once again we realized we just had to be ourselves and be swim deep. It was real stories about going back home after being a buzz band, and no one caring about you anymore. It was just the start, we don’t want to be defined by just 1 album, our 1st, or 2nd, or 3rd, we want to be defined by the joy we wish to create.
We just want people to be able to listen to it and feel happy. An album that will remind them of the summer, or remind them of falling in love with someone over winter. I just want it to be an album that has a world of it’s own that is like no other but to feel familiar and warm.
How did you try to make songs for that?
During locking I have just been writing music in my bedroom, which in my opinion is when I think Swim Deep is at it’s best. We are a bedroom band, bedroom pop. Then I send the songs to the other boys and sometimes they add parts and send it back. I love it this way, it makes it sound like anyone can do it, and we want to show people like us that anyone can do it.


About You
バンド名をSwim Deepにした理由を教えてください。
勇気のある音楽。ビックなポップスを作って、心地よい音を奏でる人達。僕らはただ楽しみたいだけなんだ。例えば、MGMT、The 1975、Caroline Polacheck、Planet 1999とかね。

About ‘Emerald Classics’ (3rd album)
‘Emerald Classics’ は僕らのカムバック作品でもあった。4年間、自分たちを定義しようとしてきたのだけれど、もう一度自分たちを見定めようしようとした際、自分たちが自分たちであること、そして深く泳がなければならないことに気がついたんだ。注目されたバンドになって、故郷に帰ったとしても誰も自分のことを気にしてくれないというリアルな話でもある。1stアルバム、2ndアルバム、3rdアルバムで定義されるのではなく、自分たちが作りたいと思っている喜びによって定義されたいと思っているんだ。
鍵をかけた寝室で作曲していたんだけど、僕の中ではSwim Deepがそれが最高の状態だと思うんだ。僕たちはベッドルームバンドで、ベッドルームポップなんだ。それから他のメンバーに曲を送って、時には彼らがパートを追加して送ってくる。誰にでもできるようなサウンドになるし、僕らのような人たちに誰にでもできるということを示したいんだ。

To Japanese Fan
We love Japan and can’t wait to come and play shows there!



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